Site Supplies Product Catalogue

Construction consumables and equipment. Please call to place an order.
DescriptionSizeUoMImageCategorySub Category
Desk725mm H x 1200mm W x 800mm DeachdeskSite OfficeEquipment
Swivel ChaireachUntitledSite OfficeEquipment
Meeting ChaireachUntitled2Site OfficeEquipment
Pedestal Fan 240v40cmeachUntitled3Site OfficeEquipment
Desk Fan 240v30cmeachUntitled4Site OfficeEquipment
Coat StandeachUntitled5Site OfficeEquipment
Wireless DoorbelleachUntitled7Site OfficeEquipment
Drywipe Board900 x 600mmeachsite-office-1Site OfficeSupplies
Whiteboard Erasereachsite-office-2Site OfficeSupplies
Drywipe Markers Q-Connect Bulet Tip AssortedPk 4site-office-3Site OfficeSupplies
JSP EVO 3 Safety Helmet WhiteeachPPE-1PPE & ClothingHead Protection
Sharpie W10 Marker Pens Permanent Chisel Tip BlackPk 50site-office-4Site OfficeSupplies
Hard Hat Fleece LinereachPPE-2PPE & ClothingHead Protection
Assorted HighlightersPk 8site-office-5Site OfficeSupplies
First Aider Helmet Sticker50 x 50mmeachPPE-3PPE & ClothingHead Protection
Bassine Broom (stiff) with Handle300mmeachjanitorial-1JanitorialFloor Cleaning
Ball Point Pen Medium - Q-ConnectMedium BlackPk 50site-office-6Site OfficeSupplies
Fire Marshal Helmet Sticker50 x 50mmeachPPE-4PPE & ClothingHead Protection
Bassine Broom (stiff) with Handle600mmeachjanitorial-1JanitorialFloor Cleaning
Ball Point Pen Medium - Q-ConnectMedium RedPk 50site-office-6Site OfficeSupplies
Portwest Short Peak Black Bump CapeachPPE-5PPE & ClothingHead Protection
Coco Broom (soft) with Handle300mmeachjanitorial-2JanitorialFloor Cleaning
Copier Paper 80gsm 500 sheetsA4Box of 5 Reamssite-office-7Site OfficeSupplies
JSP InterGP Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders (compatible with JSP EVO safety helmet)pairPPE-6PPE & ClothingHearing Protection
Coco Broom (soft) with Handle600mmeachjanitorial-2JanitorialFloor Cleaning
Copier Paper 80gsm 500 sheetsA3Box of 5 Reamssite-office-7Site OfficeSupplies
Headband Ear DefenderspairPPE-7PPE & ClothingHearing Protection
Plastic Dustpan & Brush Seteachjanitorial-3JanitorialFloor Cleaning
F/R Protection Board Trans 2mm LPS12072.4 x 1.2mper sheetprotection-1Temporary Protection
Lever Arch File BlackFoolscapeachsite-office-8Site OfficeSupplies
Ear Plug Dispenser100 pairsPPE-8PPE & ClothingHearing Protection
Standard Mop c/w handleeachjanitorial-4JanitorialFloor Cleaning
Swiftguard Floor Fleece White1 x 25mper rollprotection-2Temporary Protection
Lever Arch File BlackPk 10site-office-8Site OfficeSupplies
Valved Moulded Disposable MaskPk 5PPE-9PPE & ClothingRespiratory Protection
Plastic Mop Bucketeachjanitorial-5JanitorialFloor Cleaning
Carpet Protector Self Adhesive100m x 600mmper rollprotection-3Temporary Protection
Lever Arch File GreenFoolscapPk 10site-office-9Site OfficeSupplies
JSP Force 8 Press to Check Half Mask with FiltersSmall Medium LargeeachPPE-10PPE & ClothingRespiratory Protection
Floor Cleaner5Leachjanitorial-6JanitorialFloor Cleaning
Carpet Film Dispenser600mmeachprotection-4Temporary Protection
Ring Binder BlackA4eachsite-office-10Site OfficeSupplies
JSP Force 10 Typhoon Full Face MaskSmall Standard LargeeachPPE-11PPE & ClothingRespiratory Protection
Litter Pickereachjanitorial-7JanitorialFloor Cleaning
Stairtread Guards1100 x 310 x 2mmeachprotection-5Temporary Protection
Lever Arch Filing Labels (inkjet)A4Pk 100site-office-11Site OfficeSupplies
JSP Press to Check P3 Filters for Force 8 and Force 10 MaskpairPPE-12PPE & ClothingRespiratory Protection
NRV200 Henry Vacuum cleaner230veachjanitorial-8JanitorialDust Control
OvershoesExtra Large50 pairsprotection-6Temporary Protection
Numbered File Dividers A401-Oct1 Pksite-office-12Site OfficeSupplies
Bolle Rush+ Safety Glasses Clear, Platinum Coated, Anti Fog, Anti ScratcheachPPE-13PPE & ClothingEye Protection
NRV200 Henry Vacuum cleaner230veachjanitorial-8JanitorialDust Control
Tack Mat - 30 layers460 x 1140mmeachprotection-7Temporary Protection
Numbered File Dividers A4Jan-201 Pksite-office-12Site OfficeSupplies
Bolle Rush+ Safety Glasses Smoke, Platinum Coated, Anti Fog, Anti ScratcheachPPE-14PPE & ClothingEye Protection
Numatic NVM-1CH HEPA-FLO Henry Filter BagsPk 10janitorial-9JanitorialDust Control
Cardboard Corner & Edge Protectors Heavy Duty50mm x 50mm x 2meachprotection-8Temporary Protection
A-Z File Dividers A4A-Z1 Pksite-office-13Site OfficeSupplies
Bolle Tracker Safety Goggles Clear, Platinum Coated, Anti Fog, Anti ScratcheachPPE-15PPE & ClothingEye Protection
Fire Extinguisher WATER MIST - Class A, B, C, F and electrical fires3Leachemergency-1EmergencyFire
Hand Pump Water Sprayer5Leachjanitorial-10JanitorialDust Control
Foam Edge Protector U Profile45mm x 2meachprotection-9Temporary Protection
Punched Pockets 50 MicronA4Pk 100site-office-14Site OfficeSupplies
JAP Overspec Clear Safety GlasseseachPPE-16PPE & ClothingEye Protection
Fire Extinguisher WATER MIST - Class A, B, C, F and electrical fires6Leachemergency-1EmergencyFire
Rock Salt20kgeachjanitorial-11JanitorialWinter Weather
Door Jamb Protection Flame Retardant114mm x 13mm x 2meachprotection-10Temporary Protection
Laminating MachineA3eachsite-office-15Site OfficeSupplies
Uvex Cleaning TissuePk 100PPE & ClothingEye Protection
Fire Extinguisher FOAM - Class A, B and electical fires6Leachemergency-2EmergencyFire
Shoveleachjanitorial-12JanitorialWinter Weather
Bubble Wrap Small Bubble1.2 x 100mper rollprotection-11Temporary Protection
Laminating Pouches 250 MicronA4Pk 100site-office-16Site OfficeSupplies
Traffiglove TG1220 Fingerless Glove Cut Level 1 (Site Management and Visitors)Small (8) Medium (9) Large (10)Pk 10 pairsPPE-17PPE & ClothingHand Protection
Fire Extinguisher FOAM - Class A, B and electical fires9Leachemergency-2EmergencyFire
Rubble Sacks Heavy DutyBox 100janitorial-13JanitorialWaste
Corrugated Card1 x 75mper rollprotection-12Temporary Protection
Laminating Pouches 250 MicronA3Pk 25site-office-16Site OfficeSupplies
Traffigolve TG122 Glove Cut Level 1 (Site Management and Visitors)Small (8) Medium (9) Large (10)Pk 10 pairsPPE-18PPE & ClothingHand Protection
Fire Extinguisher CO2 - Class B and electrical fires2kgeachemergency-3EmergencyFire
Battery Charging Station - 11 Lockers1877 x 455 x 275mmeachpower-1Power110v Power
Black Heavy Duty Refuse BagsBox 200janitorial-14JanitorialWaste
Building Paper1 x 100mper rollprotection-13Temporary Protection
Holepuncheachsite-office-17Site OfficeSupplies
Traffiglove Amber Action Cut Level 3 Gloves (Site Operatives)Small (8) Medium (9) Large (10)Pk 10 pairsPPE-19PPE & ClothingHand Protection
Fire Extinguisher CO2 - Class B and electrical fires5kgeachemergency-3EmergencyFire
Site Transformer 110v3KVAeachpower-2Power110v Power
Clear Heavy Duty Refuse BagsPk 100janitorial-15JanitorialWaste
White Polythene LPS1207 Flame Retardant4 x 25mper rollprotection-14Temporary Protection
Staplereachsite-office-18Site OfficeSupplies
Traffiglove TG535 Cut Level 5 Glove (by risk assessment)Small (8) Medium (9) Large (10)Pk 10 pairsPPE-20PPE & ClothingHand Protection
Fire Extinguisher DRY POWDER - Class A, B, C and electrical fires6kgeachemergency-4EmergencyFire
Site Transformer 110v5KVAeachpower-2Power110v Power
Plastic Dust Bin C/W Lid80Leachjanitorial-16JanitorialWaste
Gaffa Cloth Tape50mm x 50mper rollprotection-15Temporary Protection
Staples 26/6 No 56Pk 5000site-office-19Site OfficeSupplies
Nubuck Safety Boot Steel Midsole S3sizes 6-12pairPPE-21PPE & ClothingFoot Protection
Fire Extinguisher DRY POWDER - Class A, B, C and electrical fires9kgeachemergency-4EmergencyFire
Extension Reel 110v25meachpower-3Power110v Power
Builders Bucket3 Galloneachjanitorial-17JanitorialWaste
Tape Dispenser50mmeachprotection-16Temporary Protection
Visitor Chukka Safety Boots Water Resistant S3Sizes 6-13pairPPE-22PPE & ClothingFoot Protection
Fire Blanketeachemergency-5EmergencyFire
Extension Reel 110v50meachpower-3Power110v Power
Washing Up Liquid500mleachjanitorial-18JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Canteen Table1800 x 600mmeachcanteen-1CanteenCanteen Furniture
Debris Netting2m x 50mper rollprotection-17Temporary Protection
Visitor Chukka Safety Boots with Steel Midsole SBPSizes 3-13pairPPE-23PPE & ClothingFoot Protection
Gas Horneachemergency-6EmergencyFire
Extension Lead 110v 16A14m x 2.5mmeachpower-4Power110v Power
Washing Up Liquid5Leachjanitorial-18JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Plastic Stacking chair blackeachcanteen-2CanteenCanteen Furniture
Cable Ties300 x 4.8mmPk 100protection-18Temporary Protection
OvershoesExtra Large50 pairsPPE-24PPE & ClothingFoot Protection
Double Plastic Fire Standeachemergency-7EmergencyFire
4 Way Splitter 110veachpower-5Power110v Power
Sponge ScourersPk 10janitorial-19JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Fridge 240vcanteen-3CanteenCanteen Appliances
Hi Vis Yellow Waistcoat c/w Transfer L/B & BackSmall - 4XLeachPPE-25PPE & ClothingHi Visibility Clothing
Double Fire Extinguisher Fire Pointeachemergency-8EmergencyFire
Cable Management HooksPk 10power-6Power110v Power
Washing Up Bowleachjanitorial-20JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Microwave 240v20Leachcanteen-4CanteenCanteen Appliances
Hi Vis Orange Waistcoat c/w Transfer L/B & BackSmall - 4XLeachPPE-26PPE & ClothingHi Visibility Clothing
Howler Temporary Fire Alarm System with Push Button (available with multilink option)eachemergency-9EmergencyFire
Extension Reel 230v 2 x 13A Sockets10meachpower-7Power220v Power
Rubber GlovesExtra Largepairjanitorial-21JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Kettles cordless 240v1.7Leachcanteen-5CanteenCanteen Appliances
Hi Vis Yellow Parka Jacket c/w L/B & BackSmall - 4XLeachPPE-27PPE & ClothingHi Visibility Clothing
Battery Smoke Alarm with Husheachemergency-10EmergencyFire
Extension Reel 230v 2 x 13A Sockets50meachpower-7Power220v Power
J-ClothsPk 50janitorial-22JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Electric Urn 240v20Leachcanteen-6CanteenCanteen Appliances
Hi Vis Yellow Bomber Jacket c/w L/B & BackXsmall - 4XLeachPPE-28PPE & ClothingHi Visibility Clothing
DC1 BRK Smoke Alarm Dust Covereachemergency-11EmergencyFire
Extension Lead 230v 4 Gang1meachpower-8Power220v Power
Tea-towelsPk 10janitorial-23JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Dinner plates27cmeachcanteen-7CanteenCanteen Crockery / Cutlery
Travel First Aid Kiteachemergency-12EmergencyFirst Aid
Duracell BatteriesAAAPk 8power-9PowerBatteries
Multi-Purpose Anti Bacterial Spray750mleachjanitorial-24JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Side plates17cmeachcanteen-8CanteenCanteen Crockery / Cutlery
Vehicle First Aid Kiteachemergency-13EmergencyFirst Aid
Duracell BatteriesAAPk 8power-9PowerBatteries
Window & Glass Cleaner750mleachjanitorial-25JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Bowleachcanteen-9CanteenCanteen Crockery / Cutlery
First aid kits 10 personeachemergency-14EmergencyFirst Aid
Duracell BatteriesCPk 2power-10PowerBatteries
Graffiti Remover400mleachjanitorial-26JanitorialWashing Up / Cleaning
Mugs_ pinteachcanteen-10CanteenCanteen Crockery / Cutlery
First aid kits 20 personeachemergency-15EmergencyFirst Aid
Duracell BatteriesDPk 2power-10PowerBatteries
Toilet Brush and Holdereachjanitorial-27JanitorialWashroom Hygiene
Stainless steel knifeeachcanteen-11CanteenCanteen Crockery / Cutlery
First aid kits 50 personeachemergency-16EmergencyFirst Aid
Duracell Batteries9vPk 2power-11PowerBatteries
Urinal Toilet Blocks3kgeachjanitorial-28JanitorialWashroom Hygiene
Stainless steel forkeachcanteen-12CanteenCanteen Crockery / Cutlery
Eyewash Pod Station with Mirroreachemergency-17EmergencyFirst Aid
Thick Bleach750mleachjanitorial-29JanitorialWashroom Hygiene
Stainless steel dessert spooneachcanteen-13CanteenCanteen Crockery / Cutlery
Eyewash Pod RefillsPk 25eachemergency-18EmergencyFirst Aid
Thick Bleach5Leachjanitorial-29JanitorialWashroom Hygiene
Stainless steel tea spooneachcanteen-14CanteenCanteen Crockery / Cutlery
Burns Kiteachemergency-19EmergencyFirst Aid
Air Freshener Aerosol300mleachjanitorial-30JanitorialWashroom Hygiene
Plastic coffee spoons x 10001000canteen-15CanteenDisposables
Burnshield Dressing 200x200mmeachemergency-20EmergencyFirst Aid
Poly cups 10oz10oz1000canteen-16CanteenDisposables
Accident Bookeachemergency-21EmergencyFirst Aid
Clear plastic water cups 7oz7oz2000canteen-17CanteenDisposables
Asbestos Emergency Kit - "2nr FFP3 masks 2nr Type 5 paper coveralls 2 prs overshoes 2 pairs nitrile gloves 2nr clear asbestos bags 2nr red asbestos bags 1 pk cable ties 1 roll red/white tape"eachhspsitesuppliesEmergencyAsbestos
Tea Bags1100 bageachcanteen-18CanteenRefreshments
Oil Spill Kit15Leachemergency-22EmergencySpill Kits
Coffee Nescafe750G tubeachcanteen-19CanteenRefreshments
Oil Spill Kit30Leachemergency-22EmergencySpill Kits
Sugar Sachets1000canteen-21CanteenRefreshments
Case of water500ml24canteen-22CanteenRefreshments
Water Refil19Leachcanteen-23CanteenRefreshments